BESPOKE is a boutique creative consulting company that specializes in coaching services for public speaking and communication. Drawing on my experience as a professional actor and theatre artist, I coach professionals who seek innovative ways to improve their presentation skills, business performance and stage presence. Using simple acting techniques, my coaching style is inquiry based and action oriented—encouraging clients to achieve a greater impact in their profession. The specific needs and concerns of clients are responded to with tailored solutions that sharpen communication and strengthen presence.

I have coached beginning and middle career entrepreneurs on pitch presentations as well as established industry professionals for large public presentations. I have also collaborated with leading branding agencies in New York City, devising comprehensive public speaking curricula for Fortune 100 companies—guiding event speakers through the conception and delivery of TED style talks, in addition to MC and “opening remark” training for top level executives.

All of my work is rooted in the advanced training of NYU’s Graduate Acting program and was developed with the assistance of the W.R. Berkeley Innovation Lab at NYU Stern. 



  • In depth consultation to develop a timetable of actionable tasks that are specific to your individual needs and goals

  • Detailed attention to the progress of your preparation


  • Thought starters for speech/presentation creation

  • Hone and clarify your message

  • Establish and strengthen your “intention” or “takeaway”

  • Discover and shape the “story” or “narrative” of your presentation

  • Guided script analyses to sharpen your delivery


  • Discover the proper comportment and physicality for your presentation (based on individual needs)

  • Establish physical “grounding” and presence

  • Establish necessary vocal support


  • Provide guiding questions to spark story creation, narrative, core idea

  • Discover the appropriate mode of communication for your talk: Narration, Explanation, Persuasion, Revelation

  • Create timetable of actionable tasks and preparation benchmarks

  • Provide fundamental performance and preparation concepts and tips

  • Provide suitable reference material and TEDtalk examples with specific takeaway notes


“Michael imported a wealth of experience and leadership from the theatre to the corporate context; physicality, mentally, and emotionally preparing executives from our Fortune 100 client for the stage.”

  • Strategist at a New York creative agency

“Michael understands the art of the speech - and knows how to effectively help people navigate the discipline, first spending all the necessary time honing the pros - always asking the pertinent questions around intent to ensure language precision, and second, helping the speech maker realize their presence and that critical interplay with the audience was just that with Michael, making what is a daunting task both a wonderful learning experience and achievable result. His ever-calm manner, no matter how error-filled a run-through, and his always constructive feedback, places the speech maker at ease and enables the learning to occur. Good teachers know their discipline cold, are patient as ever, and make learning a joy. Michael is a gifted teacher who does all these things and I am thankful I got to be his student.”


I had the opportunity to meet Michael through Destination Tomorrow – Together with TED. I am not an actor but a manager in a major company. Doing a TED talk has always been a bucket list item for me and Michael was my coach. His patience and guidance was amazing. His ability to teach me how to own my space and to be a story teller was priceless. Michael was able to take someone with no skills and in a short two months prepare me for the big stage. I cherish the time spent with Michael and I learned so much from him. His availability and investment in my project showed how much he cares and loves his craft.


I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Michael for Delta’s event, Destination Tomorrow – Together with Ted.  I am a Flight Attendant and also an Instructor/Facilitator so I have a background in presenting.  Michael and his expertise took my skills to a new and heightened level and I am grateful for it.  He takes the time to know your strengths & areas you need help with & what message you want to convey.  He then works tirelessly with you to make it the best presentation you can give.  He is generous with his time making the rehearsal schedule work for you whether that’s through emails, phone calls, Face Time etc.  His availability made it easy to connect and ease the stress of not having him in the same city.  He is a thoughtful coach in that he recognizes where you may need more work and can take you on that journey without you feeling overwhelmed.  He cares about you and your task and his goal is to make you feel that your presentation is the best it can be by the time you hit the stage.  He truly asks the right questions and provides guidance in the correct areas & his feedback throughout the training/rehearsal schedule is invaluable and only makes you and your work/presentation better and better.  Michael is a “pro” in his career as his resume and work show.  He prepared me and made me feel like a “pro” for 10 minutes on that stage & again I am grateful for him, his expertise and time with me.  His help gave me a highlight in my career and skills I can use both in my everyday life and my work at 30,000 feet and in a classroom.


"Mike is a phenomenal coach with a creative approach and unique ability to create a comfortable environment to try new things without fear or failure or judgement. Mike worked with me to prepare a presentation that was delivered to over 400 people in attendance. Not only did I feel comfortable but I never felt more prepared!"

  • Alex Volchonok DMD, MS / Periodontist / AV Periodontics


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