You Got Older by Clare Barron

"Fearsomely authoritative" - The New Yorker
"Mr. Schantz...has a simmering sexual glamour" -  The New York Times
"An intense, leonine Michael Schantz makes the utmost of his scenes as Aufidius" - The New York Times
"Michael Schantz turns in a powerhouse performance as Dr. Stockman, capturing his unshakable integrity, increasing moral indignation, offensive tirades to the crowds, and ultimate obstinacy in remaining in a town that has scorned him, righteously declaring that “the strongest man in the world is the man who stands alone.”"
"Michael Schantz brings chilling life to the horrific Lt. Jonathan James Kendrick. Michael Schantz elicits utter disgust and cold chills from the audience" - Broadway World
"Michael Schantz plays Lt. Kendrick, instrument of Jessep's disciplinary system, as a surly zealot." - Houston Chronicle
"Michael Schantz has the bearing and vocal command of an experienced classical actor and is excellent as Thomas Montgomery.  He authoritatively delivers numerous speeches as well as giving a richly realized performance." - Theatre Scene
"Saranoff, as an example, is played by Michael Schantz as a swaggering, ridiculous, pompous, preposterous creature, wrapped in fur and tight-fitting, embroidered military garb, bearing a profound mustache that stretches from ear to ear. He struts the proscenium stage like it was a catwalk, and he never simply stands still — he strikes exaggerated heroic poses. He's marvelously funny in the role, and what other choice was there in playing it?" - MINNPOST